Halloween Special: Averting a frightful karaoke night

You’ve planned everything for a special Halloween karaoke party full of thrills, cackles and screams.

You’ve racked your brain for spooky meal ideas: "finger" foods, egg eyes, brain dip. You’ve ruined a handful of makeup palettes: drawing on fake blood, painting your skeleton face. You’ve even invited your mother-in-law: witches do exist! Everything seems in place, but stress takes over and you find yourself dreading a dead party.

Fear not, KaraFun's got the entertainment covered!

Your song list is too long: dead time while guests choose

Our advice: opt for a pre-planned list. Doing so will limit the selection from 45,000 to a few hundred equaling less time lost selecting the perfect song and more time for your guests to find the link between your song choice and the festivities. A pre-planned selection of karaoke songs is also handy when your colleague that's just been dumped for the 38th time requests "Un-break My Heart," a song that is sure to cause the party mood to plummet faster than a witch off its broom. When you select your song list in advance, you’ll remain master of the “smooth running” ceremonies and avoid any dead silences.

Some suggestions for your list:

Or check out our Halloween Playlist!

Your guests are too scared to sing

The problem: the party is as quiet as a cemetery at midnight. Solution: invent a little game to perk things up? A special Halloween musical quiz for example? When a participant answers correctly, (s)he wins the honor of singing the next song or selecting a runner up! (Halloween Music Quiz here).

Your guests are microphone hogs

Impose diplomatic order with another game: spin a bottle, cast a spell, draw a straw (borrowed from Mr. Scarecrow) or, if you’re a handyman, prepare a spinning wheel in advance with the picture of each participant on each segment of the wheel! Problem solved, no more jealousy and no more mic hogs.

Your microphone doesn't work!

You've been careful to dot your I's and cross your T's: your karaoke party is complete with synced offline songs, the remote feature, dual display and double microphones. Hope for the best but prepare for the worst as things may take a nightmarish turn when your microphone just won’t work. Frantically tapping it, as if you're practicing CPR, may bring it back to life, but our advice: always plan ahead of time or think of a backup.
There are several types of microphones at various prices: wired, wireless or USB (take a look at our microphone recommendations). And don't forget to check that your audio driver is working properly and your operating system is up to date.

We've got the best of the best thanks to our catalog of 45,000!

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