Choosing a microphone

While you technically only need a KaraFun application on your device to belt out 47,000 of your favorite songs, it’s admittedly loads more fun with a microphone in hand. So, let’s walk through the options and the basics of setting up a microphone when using KaraFun.

Before we start outlining the different possibilities, pros and cons and the setup, it is important to note the following:

  • KaraFun controls the general volume of songs, but it is your device or the microphone itself that will control the sound output.
  • Microphone options are endless and we recommend visiting your local electronics store for help in choosing the one that is best suited to your budget, device and personal preferences.

USB microphone

Advantages: easy to set up, cost-effective
Disadvantages: quality, incompatibility
Cost: $-$$

This option is great if you are looking for a quick, easy and affordable setup and can be purchased anywhere electronics are sold. Once plugged into your device, simply search under your computer’s Sound Settings to ensure that the mic has been recognized. If you are having difficulty, you might need to check if your audio drivers and operating systems are up to date as these can prevent the USB microphone from working properly.

If you are using our iPad or iPhone app, we recommend that you use a dedicated microphone (for example Prodipe iMic) that manages monitoring (the feedback from the voice in the speakers). For Android devices this is not yet an option.

Wired microphone

Advantages: easy to set up, no lost signal, cost-effective
Disadvantages: limited mobility
Cost: $-$$

While the wired microphone may be the least modern of the options, it is a good choice as easy plug-n-play makes for fast set up. Choices are endless, very affordable starting at as little as $10. Simply plug into your computer microphone jack (usually pink on Window's devices) or your laptop's headphone jack and start singing. Once again, if you encounter trouble, verify your device's Sound Settings.

For iPad or iPhone and Android we recommend buying a wired microphone that is made expressly for these devices.

Wireless microphone

Advantages: easy mobility, aesthetic
Disadvantages: battery powered
Cost: $$$

This may be the most technical of options, but it can be pain-free, so be sure to follow the microphone directions closely. Wireless handheld microphones transmit sound to to a separate receiver. You will need to have set up your receiver to speakers via additional cables or via wireless pairing. Many users have reported an echo or lost signal which is why we recommend purchasing a model that controls reverb. This may be pricier but will make up for it in quality. If the issue persists, try moving around and playing with the location of the receiver in proximity to you.

Still have questions? Our Help Center is there for you!

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