No sound is coming out of KaraFun Player

If there's no sound coming out of your speakers, then here's a list of handy things you should check:
  • Make sure the speakers are turned on
  • Make sure your sound card is correctly set up (right click on computers, then properties, then Device Manager: there shouldn't be any exclamation mark next to your sound card)
  • Make sure the volume slider is up both in KaraFun Player and Windows

Another trick is to play a MIDI file in KaraFun Player and try again. Sometimes, the MIDI volume is stuck at 0, and prevents hearing the audio output from KaraFun Player. You can find thousands of free MIDI files online in the public domain to try this.

If your issue is still not resolved, feel free to get in touch with our technical support team.

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  1. is there possibly a problem with WINDOWS 8? this is a new laptop with Windows8 my sound works fine on all other Media Players but with Karafun there are WORDS but no Sound

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