Caution: sun + singing may cause happiness


Hypothesis: Exposure to the sun, combined with the act of singing, increases happiness.

Conclusion: Affirmative! The combination of the sun with song is the perfect concoction to beat any moody-day blues.

A crash course in behavioural science and the independent variables to replicate the outcome, will show the benefits that sun and singing have on your health!

Behavioral Singing Science 101

Serotonin is a chemical produced by the brain. It's increased when you are exposed to the sun and can positively affects our mood. Simply put, sun + serotonin = happy mood. Proven scientific fact!

Dopamine's another chemical produced by the brain that translates into a feeling of pleasure. Research has shown that singing has a profound effect on emotion that may increase dopamine levels in the brain. Let's resume, singing + dopamine = happiness.

Deduction 1: Sun + Singing = HAPPY
Deduction 2: Singing outside may cause happiness

Steps to Replicate

Two words: outdoor karaoke! It's a thing and we don't mean singing on side of the street in exchange for gratuities (more familiarly termed as busking).
The formula for an outdoor karaoke is a snap, a simple combination of four things:

  1. Your favorite KaraFun app: Android, iPad / iPhone, Mac or Windows, we've got a KaraFun app to suit your needs.
  2. The perfect playlist: we've got pretty much everything under the sun in our catalog but our Sunny Playlist couldn't be more fitting!
  3. Offline mode switched on: wherever you may be, internet or not, offline mode lets the beat go on!
  4. The ultimate guide to outdoor karaoke: take outdoor to the next level!

Now it's time to shine, in all your sunny, singing glory! Because, as Pharrell said, we're happy!

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