3 steps to organize an outdoor karaoke party

Whoever said that karaoke is restricted to indoors? With spring in full bloom and the weather heating up, it’s time to take your karaoke outdoors!

With a few simple tools, and in three easy steps turn your backyard into the ultimate karaoke joint.

Here’s what you will need:

  • Projector
  • Bed Sheet or large surface for projecting video
  • KaraFun and your favorite songs synced in offline mode


  • Speakers
  • Microphone
  • Seating - bean bag chairs, oversized pillows, haystacks...
  • Lighting - tiki torches, christmas lights, candles...
  • Munchies - microphone cupcakes, Pop Rocks...

1. Prepare screen

First on the docket, the screen. The easiest and most cost-effective is a big blank wall. But a light-colored sheet or a canvas drop-cloth tied between trees works just as well.

2. Hook up a projector to your device

Make sure to have the necessary cables. More recent brand name projectors have apps available that allow you to transmit from your phone to the projector via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. If this isn’t an option for you, you will need an adapter to match your smartphone/tablet. These adapters can be easily purchased online or at your local electronics store.

3. Install KaraFun

Download the latest KaraFun app and start singing!

Access your offline synced songs, prepare your queue and start singing. Spice things up with one of these karaoke games or just sing and sing again and sing some more!

Got any other ideas for happy singing in Spring? Share them with us below.

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  1. Interesting Blog much appreciates for writer. Thanks for Sharing
  2. Great tips! Thank you for sharing! What about equipment for a karaoke party, I think you can purchase a mic for a better sound. There are devices that can be compared with professional technique, but it is not necessary to splurge on an expensive microphone model.