7 games to spice up your next karaoke party

Known for your awesome sense of hospitality, you’ve been designated Master of Ceremonies for the next karaoke gathering amongst friends. Always the perfectionist, you want to go above and beyond to host the ultimate karaoke party.

So, if you’re looking to add some extra pizazz to the night, how about incorporating these karaoke games.

Sing song mix up
In one bowl, add the names of your favorite karaoke songs on small slips of paper. In a second bowl, add the names of well-known singers. Each karaoke-er should draw one paper from each of the two bowls and sing the song in the manner of the singer. Imagine Elvis singing "Barbie Girl" or Springsteen singing "Chandelier." :)

Don’t forget the lyrics!
In the do-it-yourself version of this hit tv game show, jot down snippets of lyrics from your favorite karaoke songs. Make sure that the songs chosen can be identified by all. Leave out certain word or words, depending on the level of difficulty you’re hoping for. Mix up these papers in a small bowl and have each participant draw a piece of paper from the bowl. Should they be able to guess the correct missing words, it's their turn to sing their heart out! If the participant is unable to come up with the missing words, it’s time for a dare! Dancing the "Macarena" to Sinatra's "My Way" or singing while standing on one foot, should produce a nice effect!

Name that singer!
Form small teams (with one referee) and on individual pieces of paper, prepare the names of famous singers and a list of their most famous works. After drawing a paper from the bowl, the referee announces the title of a song to the first team (starting with the least well-known and working on up to the biggest hit). Each team is given a turn to try to guess the name of the artist. Teams have only one shot to guess correctly before the turn is then given to the next team and the referee provides an additional song clue. The first team to guess the artist earns the right to sing one of the songs.

Name that song!
A karaoke-er sings a song without telling the other participants the artist or the title. The person (or team) that finds the song AND artist first wins a point. At the end of the game, offer a small prize to the person/team with the most points.

Costume Party
Adding a nice dose of giggles when guests arrive, insist that guests dress up and play the part for your next party. Ideas aren’t lacking with options galore.

The ‘new’ Voice
Designate a panel of judges to give feedback and critique performances. Guests karaoke and judges compete to add the singer to his team. Once all participants have sung, have a sing-off between judges and team.

Parody karaoke
Enlist the creativity of your guests. Divide them into two teams, each with a designated amount of time to create a skit that changes the words of the song. Turn the vocals down and have at it. Prizes can be awarded to the most creative team (think Weird Al Yankovic)

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