“Dear KaraFun” - How do I make a song suggestion?



I want to suggest a song. How do I do that?
Charles - France


On a monthly basis, we add songs to the KaraFun catalog (follow our Facebook or Blog to stay updated). To date we’ve got over 29,000 and counting!

It may be though that something you would like to sing cannot be found in our catalog. While this may be simply due to rights restrictions, as in the case of some of your favorites like ABBA, The Eagles, Madonna, etc. (read why here), we do our best to bring you exactly what you’re looking for.

If after searching through our catalog, you still can’t find what you are looking for, we’ve got a simple way to make a suggestion:

Please note that songs with the most votes are produced in priority.

Thanks for the suggestions and happy singing!

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