“Dear KaraFun” - What is KaraFun beta?


I noticed a Beta Center. What is it exactly and how does it work?
Tony from London


While KaraFun is your go-to app for seamless singing and hours of karaoke fun, behind the scenes is a team of committed developers and musicians along with hours of testing to make sure your karaoke party goes off without a hitch!

What is beta?

The beta version of any KaraFun app is the latest version developed by our IT team that has yet to be released to the public and the KaraFun community.

The beta versions allow for additional testing in order to iron out any kinks. It also allows us to take into account your feedback of the experience.

Releasing any of our apps is a three step process:

  1. Our dev wizards code away all day to make your singing experience tip-top with the latest features.
  2. We release their magic in a beta version for testing and feedback.
  3. Should changes need to be made, the dev wizards get back to work and a corrected version is released again as beta. Otherwise, off it goes to the KaraFun community!

Signing up for beta testing

Log in and sign up here: www.karafun.com/beta

Once signed up, anytime a new beta is added, you’ll receive an email alerting you to the release and asking for your feedback. Should you no longer have time to be a beta tester, you can unsubscribe on the same page where you signed up.

Additional information

  • iPad / iPhone beta does not exist: The testing process is technically more difficult but rest assured that we run extensive internal tests before release.
  • Automatic updates: To be notified and updated to newest versions that have passed beta testing, activate this option under the app's preferences or settings.

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