Tip of the Month: one subscription, many devices


How do I access KaraFun from a second device?

  • Download the KaraFun app that matches your device.
  • Login using your username and password.
  • Start singing!

What if the device isn’t mine?

No biggie. Access KaraFun from your friend's Macbook when you’re both bored, your sister’s Android tablet when you are out camping (with offline mode of course!) or your co-worker’s Window's PC for the after work party! Get the party started!

Can I be logged in to KaraFun on my smartphone and my tablet / PC at the same time?

Only the Professional Subscription offers this possibility. With a classic subscription, you are limited to one use at a time and you will be automatically logged out if using multiple devices on one subscription. This is done for security reasons and to protect your account.

Will I still find my favorites when logging into a new device?

Your favorites are synced across all devices and can be found anytime you log in, no matter the device.

Do I need an active subscription?

KaraFun apps are free to download as much as you’d like on as many devices as you want, but to take advantage of full-length songs and all the features, you will need an active subscription.

Did you know….

  • Playlists that were created with KaraFun Player for Windows and any songs synced offline are synced solely on the device on which they were created.
  • It is important to note that logging out from KaraFun Player Windows and Android devices may cause you to lose your offline songs. You may wish to add these songs to your Favorites for easy referral.

Still have a question?

Check out our Help Center or our Tips of the Month.

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