Our professional solutions

Weekly Pro Pass

Unlimited access for 7 days

  • Instant activation
  • Valid for 1 week
  • Offline mode
  • Professional license included
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Perfect for pop-up events!

Professional Monthly subscription

All of KaraFun, unlimited

  • Instant activation
  • Monthly subscription
  • Offline mode
  • Professional license included
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Designed for KJs and public events
129.00$ / month

Cancel anytime

KaraFun Business

For karaoke businesses

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  • Karaoke venue
  • Several rooms and/or locations
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Frequently Asked Questions

Which offer is best for me?

If you are running several venues or rooms, a KaraFun Business subscription covers you in order to be able to use KaraFun simultaneously in each venue / room.

If you are a KJ, a pro monthly license for one venue is usually suitable.

What do you mean by a room?

A room can be considered as one device that is connected to KaraFun Player.

In order to determine the number of rooms you'll need, just figure out how many devices will be running KaraFun Player at the same time.

If you're a KJ, you're likely to be using only one at a time, which means a simple KaraFun subscription will suffice.

If you have a venue with several karaoke rooms running KaraFun Player at the same time, then a KaraFun Business subscription is likely your best solution and we recommend getting in touch with us to get set up.

Do I need an internet connection to use KaraFun?

A simple Broadband or Mobile (HSDPA, 3G, 3G+ or 4G) connection is sufficient to use the online catalog provided by KaraFun.

You can also use KaraFun Player in Offline Mode to access the tracks you've saved offline (premium subscriptions only), or access your own karaoke files.

Can I download the Karaoke Videos that are available on KaraFun?

Our catalog may not be downloaded but can be played through our apps (streaming) with a simple internet connection.

However, with any of our subscriptions, you can sync up to 1,000 songs offline for premium users and the entire catalog for our pro users, on your device even when you don't have an active internet connection.

Can I cancel my subscription at any time?

Yes, you can cancel your subscription at any time from "My Account." There are no penalty fees and the cancellation is effective immediately.

Your subscription won't be renewed the following month.

Can I use KaraFun Professional for a public event?

Your KaraFun Professional subscription allows you to use KaraFun as a professional, and enjoy our entire catalog of songs.

However, before planning a public event, you should get in touch with your local Performance Right Organization (see list here).

Will my computer work with KaraFun Player?

The best way to know if KaraFun works on your computer before you subscribe is to download an app for free and install it on your device.

Review the technical documentation to know more.