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Bars, Corporate Parties, Campgrounds, KJs, Public and Live Stream Events, Recreation Centers...

Easy to install

A computer, tablet or smartphone is all you'll need for quick and easy setup

Designed for professionals

Queue management, scrolling banner, customizable logo... KaraFun adapts to your needs.

Cancel anytime

Start and stop your subscription whenever you want, with one click.

Trusted partner

KaraFun has been the go-to solution of many karaoke professionals around the world for more than 10 years: bars, communities, companies, KJs.... why not you?

$49 (USD) / month

Cancel anytime

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Exclusive Benefits of the Professional Subscription

$9.99 (USD) / month
$49 (USD) / month
Our applications are guaranteed ad-free so you can sing without interruption.
Studio quality
Each song is recorded by professional musicians and engineers to ensure you get the highest quality to sing along and have fun!
Premium catalog
Community shared songs
Your favorite song is not part of the catalog? No worries, you can check if a member from our community has shared it. You can also add it so that the community can have as much fun as you do!
Offline catalog
Keep our entire catalog on your computer to play offline anytime.
Up to 1,000 offline songs
Custom key & tempo
Customize vocals volume
Change the singer name
Customize the name of the singer displayed on screen before the karaoke starts.
Remote control from your phone
Background music
Create your playlists
Add songs to your favorites
Automatic catalog updates
60,000 karaoke songs in many genres to get everyone to sing! And 400+ new songs added each month to your app automatically.
Manage queue
Send photos
To make your experience even more friendly, share photos during your karaoke party. They will appear directly under the lyrics.
Licence for public venues
KaraFun Pro includes the Rights to perform the Masters (recordings embodying original compositions) in connection with synchronized lyrics for the licensed catalog. You remain responsible for making any and all payments related to Public performance royalties. Please contact your local Performing Rights Organization (BMI, ASCAP, SESAC in the USA, PRS in the UK, GEMA in Germany) directly for more information.
Customizable scrolling banner
Customizable logo
Customize and professionalize your application with your own logo to enhance your brand image.
Permanent QR Code
Keep the same QR code for all sessions.

How to use KaraFun...

KaraFun for Windows or Mac allows you to manage your karaoke from A to Z right from your own computer. Connected to a video projector and your mixing console,KaraFun for iPad is the ideal solution to organize your karaoke party and allow singers to manage themselves.

What you'll like...

The scrolling banner displaying the next singers, offline synchronization for non-networked areas, remote control mode that allows you or your customers to manage KaraFun from your smartphone.

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