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Karaoke The Blues Tony! Toni! Toné!

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Lyrics of The Blues

Yeah, if you don't mind I want you to pull that bass up
A little bit more
All the way up yeah
And uh, pull up to dem drums a little hi hat
I wanna hear dem drums kickin'
Kickin' so hard they can feel it all the way back to Mississippi
Yeah, like that
About like that ah yeah like that
A little more guitar come on fellas let's do it
Spendin' all my time tryin' to show you how I feel
Girl there's only so much I can do
You say you care for me but you don't act that way
Come on girl who you tryin' to fool
Tell 'em Wayne
Just when I try to prove what I can do for you
I feel like I'm wastin' my time
Yeah yeah yeah
I can't see myself without you that's why I hang around
All you ever give me is the blues
Girl you know I'm
Yeah yeah yeah
Every time I see you girl all I want to know is
How I can get next to you
There's got to be a way
I'm thinkin' every day
Come on girl please give me a clue
Tell 'em Wayne
Just because he drives a Porsche yeah
And girl I drive a Nova
What about the man inside
Yeah yeah yeah
Oh if that is what you're into why don't you let me know
Instead of always givin' me the blues
'Cos girl you know I'm
'Cos you know I'm
Yeah yeah yeah
Uh toh deh bum toh deh bum
Clap your hands everybody clap your hands
Fellas help me out
After all we've been through
Why you wanna give me the blues
All you ever give me is the always on my mind
All the time every day every night
Yeah yeah yeah pleasing you
All you ever give me is the blues
I try to all the time
And you never drop by
Yeah yeah yeah
All you ever give me is the blues

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