Thinking Of You Karaoke Tony! Toni! Toné!

Karaoke Thinking Of You Tony! Toni! Toné!

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Lyrics of Thinking Of You

Hey what's up yeah what you been up to
Is that right like that there
I been missin' you you know
But I want you to know somethin'
I been thinkin', ah
Hmm hmm
I been thinkin' yeah
Hmm hmm
Since the first day
I ever laid my eyes
Upon your face
I knew you'd be mine
An' since the time you gave me your tiny hand
I knew I wanted to be your man
An' I been thinkin', he he
I jus' wanna know if you been thinkin' about me girl
I know it was a long time ago but I wanna know
Ha, I just wanna know if you you been thinkin' about me too
Now I know it's been about a year since I kissed you on your face
But I want you to know
I remember the feelin' that day
An' I wanna feel it that same way
But I gotta letcha know, yeah
I been lookin'
An' I've been searchin' an' I been walkin'
I been talkin' an' also stalkin' in my mind
I want you to know that I been thinkin'
I just wanna know today are you thinkin' girl
When it gets late at night I wanna know
I jus' wanna know have you been thinkin' girl
But I say I'm thinkin' an' I been searchin'
An' I've been lookin' an' I been walkin'
An' I been talkin' an' I been stalkin' in my mind
I want you to know that I been thinkin'
Hey hey hey, I wanna know what you been thinkin' baby
I been thinkin' about you for a long time
I jus' wanna know maybe are you thinkin' about me
I find myself lookin' at the clock on the wall
An' everything that crawls around my home
See sometimes I even wanna call the police to see
An' put out an APB an' try to find you try to find you baby
You know sometimes I wanna call America's most wanted
'Cos you're most wanted in my life

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