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Lyrics of Do The Bartman

I didn't do it nobody saw me do it you can't prove anything
Yo hey what's happening dude
I'm a guy with a rep for being rude
Terrorizing people wherever I go
It's not intentional just keepin' the flow
Fixin' test scores to get the best score
Droppin' banana peels all over the floor
I'm the kid that made delinquency an art
Last name Simpson first name Bart
I'm here today to introduce the next phase
The next step in the big Bart craze
I got a dance real easy to do
I learned it with no rhythm and so can you
So move your body if you got the notion
Front to back in a rock like motion
Now that you got it if you think you can
Do it to the music that's the Bartman
Whoa, check it out man
Bartman, uh huh, whoa mama whoa
It wasn't long ago just a couple of weeks
I got in trouble yeah pretty deep
Homer was yelling
Mom was too
Because I put mothballs in the beef stew
Punishment time in the air lurks gloom
Sittin' by myself confined to my room
When all else fails nothin' else left to do
I turn on the music so
I can feel the groove
Whoa I'm feelin' the groove now baby bring it back whoo
Do the Bartman whoa, Lisa, ha
Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha check it out man
If you can do the Bart you're bad like
Michael Jackson
Oh yeah, shake your body huh, yeah do the Bartman
Do the Bartman check it out
Whoa mama
I'm bad
I'm bad
Do the Bartman
Everybody back and forth from side to side
Do the Bartman
Get your feet up off the floor and let 'em glide
Do the Bartman
She can do it you can do it so can I do the Bartman
Now here's a dance beat that you can't deny
Oh my ears
Lisa, put that saxophone away
Don't touch this
I didn't do it nobody saw me do it you can't prove anything, oop
Now I'm in the house feelin' good to be home 'till Lisa starts blowin' that damn saxophone
And if it was mine you know they'd take it away
But still I'm feelin' good so that's okay
I'm up in my room just a singin' a song
Listen to the kick drum kickin' along
Yeah Lisa likes jazz she's her number one fan
But I know I'm bad 'cos I do the Bartman
Hey everybody need I remind you ooh
I am the Bart, Bartman, huh
Do the Bartman everybody back and forth from side to side
Do the Bartman she can do it you can do it so can I
Swing it
Ooh dooh beeh dooh beeh dooh beeh dooh beeh dooh bop bop bop
Dah bah dah bah deeh dah bah dah bah deeh doh
Dah bah dah bah deeh beh hee hee hee hee hee
I'm the Bartman swing it babe, huh
Oh yeah I'm bad
I'm real bad
Whoa, I'm bad do the Bartman, ah ha oh yeah
Do you call that dancin', ha watch this rhythm
Ooh ah, ah ah yeah ah ha, swing it, ooh
Eat your heart out Michael ah ha, ha oh wow man

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