Taking Everything Karaoke Gerald Levert

Karaoke Taking Everything Gerald Levert

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Lyrics of Taking Everything

Mmh took my heart took my car
Took my crib my kids everything mmh
Lemme go you bring me so much pain
Lord knows I tried to keep you happy girl in every way
I'm on the road doin' my thing tryin' to keep you laced
Tryin' to keep a smile upon your face girl
Was all my happiness in vain or did I pressure you a little too much babe
Now I'm left with memories never thought that
This would be the price I had to pay
You took my heart you took my car up and took my crib
Got the nerve to take my kids got the nerve to take my kids
Took my heart girl you took my car
And you took my crib tryin' to take my kids
Girl you took my love and you took my soul
Takin' everything everything everything everything everything
And now I'm sitting all alone trying to figure out where you and I went wrong
You know it makes me wanna cry
Just thinkin' 'bout it makes me wanna lay down and die
For the life of me
I don't know how
That you could take for granted and disregard our secret vow
Now I'm left with memories never thought that this would be the price I'd have to pay
You took my heart girl you took my my car tryin' to take my crib girl
Got the nerve to take my kids got the nerve to take my kids
And take my heart my car my crib my kids my kids my love soul
Everything everything everything everything everything
You should try to understand girl I was yo' man my life was in your hands baby
But shinin' over every chance wasn't part of yo' plan no no no no
Can call you baby or is that just a passin' thing baby listen to the sad song
I think yeah
What about the ring what about the ring, oh, oh
Now you go away in my car girl you can have the crib
But won't you give me back my kids
How am I supposed to live, oh baby without love without love baby
See you and me all my life all my life
I thought we'd live forever said we'd be together
And you would never never never never
Never never never ever ever leave me
Take my heart crib car kids, oh oh, oh oh why how could you
You took everything

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