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Lyrics of Fortunate

Ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh
Wooh wooh wooh wah ooh ooh ooh ooh
Never seen a sunshine like this
Never seen the moon glow like this
Never seen the waterfalls like this
Never seen the lights off like this
Never dug anyone like this never had tasty lips to kiss
Never had someone to miss never heard a song quite like this
Never had room service all night never took a first class flight
Never had a love affair so tight
I never felt a feelin' so right
Never seen a winter so white never had the words to recite
Never had a flame thru midnight
And I never sang a song with all my might
An' oh I
I'm so about it baby, ooh ooh
So about hey, baby so so so glad yeah, yeah yeah yeah
Can you hear the silent shouts uh uh
I'm callin' out
Put yo' hands together now let her see
That she is my girl an' my world she's my girl
An' I'm so mighty mighty proud about it
No shame in my game oh oh, no
I wanna show you off
I wanna let them know
Let the whole world know why lovin' my baby now
Lovin' my baby now ain't nobody
I said ain't no lady lady lady better than my baby, hey
See I'm so mighty mighty mighty proud proud about it, hey
Makin' me dance it's makin' me dance
Makin' me die makin' me jump ooh
Makin' me die
Mmh mmh mmh mmh mmh mmh
Makin' me dance
Makin' me dance you, hoo hoo
Sh, don't say nothin'
I know you understand
I know you need it
'Cos you're the only thing
I'm thinkin' 'bout now
You're the only thing that makes me wanna come outta these clothes

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