Lockdown lifting? 4 steps to plan a #safekaroke

You've been cooped up, keeping your distance and fighting the good fight with chapped hands. KaraFun salutes your efforts (and sends a special thank you to those on the frontlines). 👏

As lockdowns are lifting, no better way than to celebrate with a #safekaraoke?
Here are 4 steps to staying healthy and safe.

1. Can I karaoke at a safe social-distance?

In an effort to respect the rules and to continue practicing good habits, we recommend avoiding large-group karaokes. Best to avoid songs which might entice you to dance the Macarena or The Hokey Pokey with your unknown neighbor.
Instead, try singing to Freedom or Stronger or even Lean on Me (not to be taken literally) with small groups of friends and family.

2. Can I bring out the mega mic?

Let the mega mic sit this one out. Instead, we advise breaking out the hair brush, the (empty) bottle of wine, the wooden spoon.... anything but a microphone that is passed from hand to hand and mouth to mouth. No need to worry about mic hogs at this karaoke party!

3. Has KaraFun application been tested?

Positive and approved! We guarantee that after a night of singing with us, you may contract a sore throat, but thankfully, this isn't one to fear and one that will go away quickly.

4. How do I organize this post-lockdown karaoke?

Safety first … prepare the wipes, the gel, the disinfectant spray, the gloves and yes, even the masks.
And for the rest....well, easy-peasy. Just install any application, pick your subscription, hook up your TV and start singing thanks to any of our pre-made playlists!

Stay safe, be well and happy singing from all of us at KaraFun!

We've got the best of the best thanks to our catalog of 44,000!

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