Stuck at home? Let's sing!

Stuck at home? If only there were an app to help pass the time, to express your mood, to distract yourself (and perhaps the neighbors) and to focus on the positive!

What a fun app that could be! ;) Sounds like the perfect time to take out KaraFun !

Download the application on your desktop, tablet or phone, cast it or plug it in to a TV and “Badaboom,” the perfect evening for one (two or the entire family) awaits! An evening of guaranteed good tunes, laughs and sweet and a melodious voice that probably hasn't had the opportunity to express itself but between four enclosed walls today!

Any KaraFun subscription will get you access to 36,000 songs and all the easy-to-use features. Plus, we've concocted a #stayhome playlist to get you singing till the cows come home!

In the spirit of sharing, take a photo and show us on Instagram or Facebook how you're handling being happy (and singing) at home! #karafun #stayhomeandsing #thankfulformusic

We've got the best of the best thanks to our catalog of 44,000!

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