Tip of the month: upgrading a subscription

So you’ve caught the singing bug... great (and welcome to the club :)) ! A monthly pass just won’t cut it anymore and as a freshly proclaimed karaoke lover, you're in need of all the snazzy features available to KaraFun's pro members (full catalog offline, scrolling banner, session management,....)

Let’s take a look at the dos and don'ts of upgrading to a KaraFun karaoke subscription.

The dos and don’ts of subscription upgrading

You should:

  • Have a current active subscription.
  • Select the pro subscription (weekly or monthly pass) from our site (excludes In-App purchases), making sure that you are connected to your account.
  • Pass to checkout after making your selection. You will notice a prorated amount (not applicable on a pro weekly pass).

Attention: Do not process payment if you do not see the prorated amount or the correct amount. In such a case please get in contact with us.

Upgrading is not possible in the following cases:

  • You have an active 48 hour party pass (updates are only possible from a monthly premium subscription).
  • Purchases made via the App or Google Play Stores.

To note

  • Subscriptions that have been upgraded to a pro subscription will be renewed as such. You can cancel your subscription at any moment and then sign up again as a premium member.
  • Upgrading from premium monthly to a professional weekly subscription is possible. You will be reverted back to your premium monthly subscription at the end of the week.

Still have questions?

Check out our Help Center or our Tips of the Month.

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