TV games to recreate at your next karaoke party

Are you the friend that never misses the opportunity to make the 'em laugh? Great! Do you possess a sports-announcer-like enthusiasm and have a geek's passion for games? Double great! Are you, on top of it all, a big fan of karaoke (logical if you’re reading our blog)? Triple great! We’ve thought up the perfect side job for you: karaoke game host!

Here are some game ideas, straight from TV, to help you sprinkle that extra little bit of excitement needed for your new role as karaoke game host at your next karaoke party!

Blind Test

This game is a safe bet and surefire way to get everyone playing (provided you have a well-prepared playlist that's inclusive to all participants).

The objective of this game isn’t to dupe your friends as they stare blank-faced while trying to guess the name of the Slovak experimental progressive rock band that you're blasting across the speakers. Au contraire, the job is to create a frenzied race to the buzzer. No buzzer? Install an app on your phone that makes funny noises. Be quick, don’t play more than fifteen to twenty seconds on each song.

In search of a playlist that covers it all? Here are some of our favorites:


For those who can only do one thing at a time and always choose between singing or dancing. For those whose body parts and movements refuse to synchronize with each other, condemning you to ridicule and stares. For those of whom, as a teenager, sat on the sidelines until you were asked... This game may prove a bit challenging! With this one, you’ll be required to sing while dancing to some of the most all time famous choreographies. Tracks of this sort aren’t hard to come by. Here’s a sample song/dance list:

Next Lines

The concept is simple and known to all: you karaoke along as usual but a member of the opposing team is responsible for stopping the music when he/she chooses. The goal is to continue singing the lyrics regardless of which passage your opponent choses to exclude. To rise to the occasion, you will need to be well-versed in a variety of musical genres and have an excellent memory. With a little luck, you’ll surprise your opponent who doesn’t know the song itself and pauses it at the moment when the song is smack dab at the instrumental part!

Want an example?

Bohemian Rhapsody - Queen
I'm just a poor boy
I need no sympathy
Because I'm easy come, easy go
____ _____, _____ _____

Can't get enough?

Here are some more games to spice up your next karaoke party!

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