Organize the perfect New Year's karaoke party!

Another year of singing has flown by and it’s time to party like it’s 1999. Mic in hand and ready to ring in 2018 with family and friends, here are 7 tips for your New Year's karaoke!

KaraFun is so 2018

So that you've got the most up to date features, make sure you are running the latest version of KaraFun.

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Cut the cord

You're in the middle of your song, ready to hit the high note and poof, the internet goes out! Make sure that you've synced your top favorites (or if you're a pro user the entire catalog).

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Prep your playlist

Not sure what to sing? If you are lacking ideas, check out one of our pre-made playlists. The playlist Happy New Year is perfect for the occasion, and you'll also find dozens of others to tickle your fancy for at least a few hours.

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Think big

What's better than a big screen to display the words and the family singing along behind you? A simple HDMI usually will do the trick to transform your living room into a big stage venue.

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Turn up the sound

It's New Year's Eve, your neighbors will understand! Hook up KaraFun to your speakers or to your Hi-Fi channel instead of the basic sound your computer offers. This will help you take advantage of the 45,000+ quality studio sounds that are available.

It's a family and friend affair

Activate the Remote option and let your friends send their photos and selfies directly to the screen. Fun times guaranteed with the hidden photos that get revealed on the big screen.

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Haven't yet found the perfect gift?

In just a few clicks you can send an online gift card with a personnalized message for up to 12 months of continuous singing amongst family and friends. Check out our gift cards here.

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