First karaoke? 5 songs to avoid! Try these instead.


Whether it is your first karaoke party or you’re a seasoned veteran, picking the perfect song is no easy task.

To simplify it for you, we’ve laid out five songs that you may want to hold off on if you haven't practiced and suggestions for what to sing instead!

1. Anything Mariah, Whitney, Céline

These three pop divas are grouped as one for good reason. They are known for having an impressive range, long notes and strong vocals that compare to none. Proceed with caution when making a selection from this vocal trinity’s repertoire.
Try: certain Adele songs (Turning Tables, Rumour Has It), Come Away With Me

2. Rapper’s Delight - Sugarhill Gang

It all starts with “Ba hip hop ba hibbip ba hibbeedibbee hip hip hop and you don't stop.” So not only are the lyrics themselves difficult, but the non-stop rapping rapidity of the song, giving little time for pauses, may leave less experienced singers gasping for air.
Try: This Is How We Do It, Gangsta’s Paradise, Ice Ice Baby

3. Thank You - Dido and Eminem

In itself a duet isn't an easy thing to take on. First of all, you aren't the only singer and staying on rythme and pitch may be a feat in itself. Add to it the collaboration of different styles and even languages and it can be a recipe for disaster.
Try: You Are The One That I Want, I Got You Babe, Empire State Of Mind

4. I Believe In A Thing Called Love - The Darkness

Initially the song may seem easy but hit that chorus and you’ll be expected to jump from an E to an A within just a few words, a tricky thing for even the most advanced singers.
Try: Rock And Roll All Nite, I Love Rock N' Roll, You Shook Me All Night Long

5. Come Rain Or Come Shine - Billie Holiday

Slow paced songs can prove difficult as many singers have a tendency to speed up a song. Moreover, imperfections can be magnified when your belting out long notes.
Try: Fly Me To The Moon, Mack the Knife, What A Wonderful World

Got any other songs to add to the list? Tell us in the comments below!

And don't forget about our playlists Easy for Men and Easy for Women.

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