Organize the perfect karaoke party for kids

With the emergence of shows like The Voice Kids, coupled with the success of artists that got their start young (Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift,...) and even musical television series like Glee, the music scene for the younger generation has taken off. Singing is a growing interest amongst the young generation.

Stress less; the next birthday party idea is as clear as Christina Aguilera hitting a high note at the mere age of 15... organize a kid's karaoke party!

We've got lots of ideas to make the party a success and the kids singing for more!

With minimal organization to channel the overflowing energy of these budding singers, earn the "cool mom/ dad" award.

Play up the VIP status with invitations in the form of a backstage pass or a ticket stub design. Ask guests to include the names of their favorite artists when RSVPing to prepare ahead of time.

Balloons, garlands, cutlery, plates, plastic glasses... Everything in the theme of music.

Nothing better to set the scene than a mini stage. But if you’re not the handy type, hang curtains on a string to create a semblance of a stage at little cost. If you don’t have spotlights lying around around, a simple desk lamp can serve as a spotlight on the singer.

Besides the microphone for use with KaraFun, hand out fake plastic microphones easily found at the dollar store or online sites. This will encourage kids to participate as a group and avoids jealousy.

To avoid growling stomachs that overtake the music, cupcakes, a cake and snacks in the form of instruments and microphones.

No need to spend too much on intricate costumes of superheroes and princesses. Ask your guests to come dressed as their favorite singer or provide an assortment of wigs, sparkly glasses, boas, and inflatable guitars. Just a few accessories will give them the impression that they’re a star when it’s time to take the microphone.

It may take a couple of minutes to warm them up, so to get them going and reward them for trying, plan on some little goodies, even for the few that won’t give it a go: bracelets, bubbles, etc.

Stage make-up, of course, that can easily be removed with water, but just enough to transform your little rockers into Kiss mini-mes.

End the karaoke session with a collective song as a final bow.

Get ready ahead of time by adding certain songs to your song queue and turning on the Parental Control feature.

We've got the best of the best thanks to our catalog of 45,000!

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