I Don't Ever Want To See You Again Karaoke Uncle Sam

Karaoke I Don't Ever Want To See You Again Uncle Sam

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Lyrics of I Don't Ever Want To See You Again

Early one morning while you were asleep
I received a letter but there was no addressee
So I paid it no mind in fact
I wanted to send it back
But something that
I was feeling said open it
It said dear reader or once close friend of mine
I hope that this letter finds you in time
'Cos your love is ending and my life is just beginning
With the woman that I know that you
Hold dear to you and it made me want to say
I don't I don't 'til the end
And my conscience is clear and I can move on from here
But I wish
I could say the same for you baby yeah yeah yeah
No yeah yeah yeah
Why yeah yeah
I was true to my love for you, ooh
It took me a minute to wake up and see
What the love of my life was doing to me
I wanted to lay down and die 'cos my pride wouldn't let me cry
But somehow I knew I had to get over it
He said he couldn't understand until he felt your touch
And now he can see why I loved you so much and that's so unfair
I never thought
I'd have to share
Your love that
I thought was given
To only me and that's why
I don't wanna see, ooh oh please
You could have picked anybody oh, yeah
I was so true to my love for you yeah
And you say you loved me love must have been blind
'Cos I sure didn't see this one coming
My best friend hu they say keep the ones you love close
And your enemies even closer but I can't win for losin'
'Cos the one I thought was a true friend to me
Ended up being my true enemy
Listen to me baby
I gave you everything
My love and my ring and you who violated me
Now I don't want to see you again
Yeah yeah, yeah, yeah so believe
Woah woah woah hey
I'm gona be brave for you baby
I don't wanna say girl no woah yeah yeah
Ooh yeah don't want another thing
I was true so true with my love for you yeah
Never would be too soon, hmm
I'd rather have a cold day in june
So please
I can't move on from here wow love
I need you right now
I don't ever want to see you and now I really do need you
Want the love you let me down
Feel so good you're not around
Why you want to cut me why you have to hurt me

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