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Lyrics of Southbound Train

Well she was born in a north woods town twenty one winters ago
And she grew tired of the freezing cold and living in the blinding snow
But this girl knew she wouldn't be there long she had plans and dreams
And she'd seen pictures of the sunshine state in the pages of the magazine
So she waited them tables and she used her smile saving every penny she can
For a one way dixie bound Amtrak ticket headed for the promise land
Her momma and daddy begged her not to go
When the day she dreamed of came
And she waved goodbye sittin' way up high
From the window of a southbound train
Now she's got a fire burnin' deep inside ridin' on a southbound train
And the clickity clack of that railroad track only helps to fan the flames
No more worries
No more cares
She left 'em up in Bangor, Maine
Now she's startin' a brand new life ridin' on a southbound train
She said 'hello sun good mornin' Daytona you're sure lookin' good to me
With your ocean breeze and your tall palm trees and your southern hospitality
Now she's a knockout queenie in a string bikini
She's drivin' all the boys insane
And this all started with a small town dream
And a ticket on a southbound train
'Cos she had a fire burnin' deep inside ridin' on a southbound train
And the clickity clack of the railroad track only helped to fan the flames
Nor more worries no more cares
She left them up in Bangor Maine
Yeah she likes the boys with a southern drawl
Soakin' up the sunshine havin' a ball
She'll be the first to tell you that she owes it all to ridin' on a southbound train

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