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Lyrics of Engelbert The Elephant

When the king and queen decided they would have a formal dance
Invitations were delivered and it happened quite by chance
Through an oversight of someone whose it was I can't recall
Engelbert the elephant was invited to the ball
What excitement in the jungle
What a holy hullabaloo
What a race to find the costume and to learn a step or two
You could feel the jungle shaking and I bet it's shaking yet
While Engelbert was learning how to dance the minuet
All the palace lamps were lighted as the sun was going down
And the music of the orchestra was heard across the town
The dance was just beginning when there came a mighty roar
Your Highness there's an elephant and he's standing by the door
Then the guard turned out from everywhere they came from every place
To where Engelbert was standing with a smile upon his face
He was dressed in latest fashion on his trunk he wore a ring
He presented his invitation with the seal of the king
So the soldiers formed an escort and they led him to the ball
Where the orchestra stopped playing and a hush went through the hall
For the king and queen were speechless and I'm sure they're speechless now
Engelbert the elephant made a very lovely bow
Then the queen began to smile at him the band began to play
And Engelbert was dancing in the very nicest way
The ladies were delighted at the way he turned and spun
And before the night was over he had danced with everyone
When they sat down to dinner
Engelbert sat on the floor
He nibbled most politely though he really wanted more
When the final dance was called for such a sight you'd never seen
For it was by the royal command he danced it with the queen
And when the ball was over and the guests began to go
They escorted him to the city gates and he gave 'em quite a show
For the band had come along with them and the band began to play
And the dance he did along the road is talked about today
Yes they talked about the dancing and you know they're talking yet
Of how Engelbert the elephant performed the minuet

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