(Baby) Hully Gully Karaoke The Olympics

Karaoke (Baby) Hully Gully The Olympics

Song key: D

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Lyrics of (Baby) Hully Gully

Uh there's a dance spreadin' 'round like an awful disease
Oh well you shake your shoulders and you wiggle your knees
Uh this dance goin' round from coast to coast
When me an my baby do it child we do it the most
Mama Hully Gully papa Hully Gullly
And baby Hully
Gullly too
Come on now take a lesson now
Time to shake your shoulders now
Start wigglin' your knees now now wail now
Well I went to a party now and what did they do
Now everybody doin' it now why ain't you
Everybody look like he got the shakes
Just listen here brothers that is all that it takes
Oh mama Hully Gullly papa Hully Gullly and baby Hully Gullly too
Mama Hully Gullly baby Hully Gullly and you can Hully Gullly too

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