Livin' For The Weekend Karaoke The O'Jays

Karaoke Livin' For The Weekend The O'Jays

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Lyrics of Livin' For The Weekend

Let me just sit down and relax a minute
Let me tell you about it ah ah ah it's Friday
Oh oh oh thank God it's Friday and I just got paid
Go across town gonna pick up my lady
Have a little bit of fun just ain't no telling where I might end up
You might see me on the east side ah the west side
I'm even going cross the bridge oh
'Cos I 'cos I 'cos I hear they really get down over there
Owe it to myself
Gonna party
Gonna party
Party party party l love huh huh huh
I owe it to myself
Gonna party party ah
I'm just a-living, yeah
Ooh ooh ooh said I'ma
I said right now I'ma
I said this evening ah for the next two days ah
Gonna have a real good time
Gonna have a real real real good time
Gonna party hard hard
Come on y'all
Let's go downtown
Come on y'all
Let's groove hey hey
From Monday to Thursday
I'm dead on my feet
Most of the time too tired to eat
But when I try to read the paper
I fall fast asleep
But as soon as
Friday rolls around
I lay all my weekly burdens down
I put on my glad rags and paint the town oh oh
Friday night alive
Said I'm living for the weekend
Don't stop when I party down
Party hard yeah hey party down
Party hard yeah party down
Soon as on Monday rolls around again
I got to put all that partying to an end
Got to solve that same old grind
With those five day week hey
Sometimes I get frustrated through the day
Take off early and a cut in pay
At the time I don't really care because I done took all that I can bear
Hey girl all my time
Hey my time hey 'cos
That's when I party down party party party party down
Ah ah ah ah party party down
Party hard baby now now party down baby party hard party oh no
Monday ther in my socks
Tuesday too tired to rock
Wednesday l wanna sleep
Thusday oh so weak
Friday party down
Friday party down
Party hard hey party down
Party hard party down
Saturday night
Saturday night
Go party ah yeah ah yeah
Oh oh party down party hard hey party down
Party hard now party down
Party hard hey hey party down
Party hard yeah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah hey
Ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah l wanna same time place next weekend at the same time
Just like we did this weekend
Sunday's here y'all
Sunday's here y'all
And it won't be long 'fore we have gotta
Get on back to the
J.O.B. y'all l got a job
Talking' about a J.O.B. ah ah ah, ah hey
Living for the weekend it's a shame
That we got to came here for the weekend l'm waitin' l'm waitin' to do it again
Ah ah ah ah l'm just going to party
Girl we did boogie
I'm going down and

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