Baptize Me Karaoke The Book of Mormon

Karaoke Baptize Me The Book of Mormon

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Lyrics of Baptize Me

Well then would you like to baptize me
Brr, sure yeah, that'd be great
Okay let's do it
Hu, what you mean now
Why not
Well to be honest I've
I've never done it before
That's okay neither have I
Ha ha ha ha yes that's true
Do you know how to baptize someone into the Church
Sure that's something we studied over and over again at mission control center
Then please
Elder Cummingham
I want to be baptized
I swear to dedicate my life to the Church
Hu, okay I just need a second to get ready
Okay I will get ready too
I'm about to do it for the first time
And I'm gonna do it with a girl a special girl
Who makes my heart kinda flutter makes my eyes kinda blur
I can't believe I'm about to baptize her
He will baptize me he will hold me in his arms
And he will baptize me right in front of everyone
And it will set me free when he looks into my eyes
And he sees just how much
I love being baptized
I'm gonna baptize her bathe her in God's glory
Baptize me
And I will baptize her with everything I've got
I'm ready
And I'll make her beg for more
Ooh as I wash her free of sin
And it'll be so good she'll want me to
Baptize her again
Baptize me again
Excuse me I
I need another minute
Mmh mmh mmh
Never known a boy so gentle one like him is hard to find
A special kind, he makes my heart kinda flutter like a moth in a cocoon
I hope he gets to baptizing me soon
I'm gonna baptize you
I'm through with all the stalling
You're gonna baptize me
I'm ready to let you do it
And it will set us free
And it will set us free it's time to be immersed it's time to be immersed
And I'm so happy
And I'm so happy you're about to be my first you're about to be my first
Okay you're ready
I am ready
So how do we do it
Well I hold you like this
And I lower you down and then I
Oh, oh ooh
I just baptized her she got doused by heavenly father
I just baptized her good
Baptized me
I performed like a champ
I'm wet with salvation we just went all the way we just went all the way
Praise be to God
Praise be to God
I'll never forget this day
I'll never forget this day
I baptized you
You baptized me
I got you good you want it more baby baptize me baptize me
I'll text you later

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