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Lyrics of The National Pastime

Fellas fellas
Yeah, is it hey team hold the benches it's Marilyn
I just got a date
She just got a date with baseball's Chilton Chate the lucky so and so
So run me through the bases put me through my paces
And teach me all the things a slugger's lover to know
What's that there that's the pitchers mound have you ever seen a shape
That is so perfectly round
Batter up play ball you better give it your all
'Cos' all men like to play at
'Cos' all men like to play at the national pastime
Who's that there
That's the first base coach
Have you noticed that he
Signals every time I approach
Kill me out throw him out because there isn't a doubt
'Cos all men like to play at
'Cos all men like to play at the national pastime
When I was just a little girl
I liked being dainty and pearly
But now that I've given sports a whirl
I finally kind of like to get dirty
Baby what's that there that's the team bull pen
And I like the odds I'm seeing no girls I'm there
Hit the deck look alive before the ladies run dry
Because my skills and my passion will elevate
The national
Hot dogs
Cracker Jack I don't care I don't care if I ever get back
When the seasons over the play won't end
'Cos' a baseball diamond is a girl's best friend
Yes her style
Yes her style and her fashion will and her fashion will
Elevate the national pastime
Elevate the national pastime

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