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Lyrics of Angeleno

She didn't marry for money a cowboy's always broke
She didn't marry for comfort a cowboy's never home
But when she looked in his eyes she saw his soul
Stretchin' out like a desert
They didn't wait for a wedding the moment might not last
He took her off to a new life and never lookin' back
'Cos when he looked in her eyes he saw her soul
Reachin' out like an ocean
Angeleno far as she goes
Still keeps one foot in the past
Gets no pity from the city
Make you pay for each second chance
Don't have much but it's all that they needed
It's more than they've ever had far as he knows
They didn't plan for a baby when God gave them a son
The city's dirty but maybe the dirt'll make him strong and when they look in his eyes
They see his soul somethin' more than a cowboy with a girl and a gun
And when they look in his eyes the future unfolds
'Cross fields and valleys
The future's bright for the young Angeleno
And an old song plays in his room
Far as he knows

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