It's Your Call Karaoke Reba McEntire

Karaoke It's Your Call Reba McEntire

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Lyrics of It's Your Call

It's your call it's her would you rather take it in the other room
She's hangin' on and so am I yeah I know all about it don't act so surprised
It's time to end this game you're playin'
She's not the only one who's waitin' on the line
It's your call it's up to you and I won't try to stop you if you go
But if you stay tell her goodbye
I can't take another minute
I can't stand another night
Of wondering if I even matter it's something only
You can answer here's the phone it's your call
There's no easy way out this time 'cos I won't live this way
She called here to talk to you with a message that
I can't take
Oh I've got to know if I still matter
It's somethin' only you can answer
Here's the phone it's your call

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