Your Body's Callin' Karaoke R. Kelly

Karaoke Your Body's Callin' R. Kelly

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Lyrics of Your Body's Callin'

Oh woah ah body's callin' for me hey, ho ooh
I hear your body callin' me uh, baby
Hear you callin' me woah, come here boo
I can tell by the way you flex uh, that you're horny, hey
Ain't no sense in beatin' 'round the bush
Tell me you want me baby so stop stallin' baby uh, come on in this room girl
Close the door behind you, hmm
Lay your body right next to
Mister Bump n' Grind Ya hmm
Here I am lookin' at you from head to toe, hmm
So don't you have no fear listen
Do you hear what I hear lady, woah, oh my god
Your body's callin' me baby callin'
Lady I know you want me baby oh yeah, Aaliyah break it down
I hear ya, ooh yeah yes I'm hungry baby, woah
Here I come runnin' to save you
So put this remix to your ear and tell me
Do you hear what I hear uh, lady said your body's callin' me ooh, and I know you want be baby oh ho, your body's callin' me
Say you want some R to the K to the E to the L L to the Y
Here I come runnin' to save ya you cute little jazzy thing you
Woah, said your body's callin' me
Baby I can hear hmm distant lover I will be right there have no fear
Have no fear no fear distant lover
I will be right here so don't you have no fear lady
I can hear your body's callin' distant lover
I'm not goin' nowhere don't you have no fear
'Cos I'm gonna be right here you see I'm wise enough to know when a body's callin' me yes I am
So here I am to save you in your sexual time of need baby, woah
So many miles away hear it mornin' noon night or day
Now here I am to satisfy your every little need, yeah
Yeah, as you can see
I'm all for some sexual shh
So give me a hug come on gimme a hug
Yo what's up your man's here or somethin'
Why can't you dance no closer than that damn

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