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Lyrics of To Her Door (Live)

They got married early never had much money
Then when he got laid off they really hit the skids
He started up his drinking then they started fighting
He took it pretty badly, yeah she took both the kids
She said I'm not standing by to watch you slowly die so watch me walking
Out the door
Out the door
She said shove it Jack
I'm walking out your door
She went to her brother's and got a little bar work
He went to the north coast stayed about a year
Then he wrote a letter said I want to see you she thought he sounded better
She said she sent him up the fare
He was riding through the cane in the pouring rain
On Olympic to her door
To her door
To her door
Say Mama
I'm coming home
He came in on a Sunday every muscle aching spent street station
Walking in slow motion drag it in your suitcase had a little addict
Standing on the corner someone drunks with bawling like he'd just been hit
Did they have a future?
Would he know his children?
Could he make a picture and get them all to fit?
He was shaking in his seat riding through the streets
In a silvertop to her door
Shaking in his seat riding through the streets
In a silvertop taxi cab to her door
To her door
To her door
Yeah her lovin' lovin' door
To her door

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