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Karaoke Craziest Naughty By Nature

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Today people we will be exploring the mind
The fact that maintains is we tried lots
Of trenches and lost more who left here
We'll be walking through many corridors that no one has ever seen
For example we turn and push forth
Why are you so uncertain what's behind this anger
Why are you so rebellious what are you thinking
My thoughts are bendin' and tumblin' somethin' exists
Which is from yellin' and mumblin' you ain't a pal of me
My family ties but not wit' Mallory my analogy
Ain't the salary as I rope realities through galaxies
For centuries they sent to me wit' the scent o' weed
Wit' a chain representin' penitentiaries
For all the times I wanted time from north to M town
And all you know from life was like just a foursome was it
Drivin' too fast
I was flyin' too low
You think I'm rockin' too quick
I think you listen too slow
I'm a rough that constructs and abrupt an assumption
You dis while your family say
I'm the best shit since fuckin'
Truckin' by an obstruction an' turnin' somethin' to nothin
From bullshit to bullshit it's the rip in every function
Funkin' it up pumpin' it up jumpin' the ducks
Lookin' to hump it's up in the trunk pump pump me up
KC niggas are the craziest
New York niggas are the craziest
DC niggas are the craziest
Philly niggas are the craziest
LA niggas are the craziest
Chi Town niggas are the craziest
Texas niggas are the craziest
Utah niggas are the craziest
Lyrics be laced wit forty ouces of funk and stuff
You get brushed you get blushed
You call yourself callin' my bluff
Enough's enough
I'm puttin' it down on this real
And this one goes out to all those people who be
Crushin' those mic skills niggas have been rockin' since Lee trilled
And we feel we build careers of steel
So all the rest come up and test
But only stress is what you'll find
They say Vinnie don't write and uh
Vinnie can't rhyme straight and
To seek an MC
I eat like Good 'n Plenty
They're wit' me spank in' dem that's why dey call me uncle Vinnie
And oh yes I just appeal to the masses
Young to old folks to upper lower middle classes
They don't forget when a line you profess
So they begin with then pick up pen and pad up off the dresser
Lesser men should never challenge a grand
But those in years experience are whippin' mics put in our hand
Detroit niggas are the craziest
Miami niggas are the craziest
Little Rock niggas are the craziest
Oaktown niggas are the craziest
Drop it various two will guard me and across the board me with
A broad that's torn like we're born and we're born again
Thrown and bored a brim is both to the back
I brawl and bad from brang to four
The boots want to bust bad boom break 'the loot
Blowin' the brain cells boom and they boot
Assume the same suit fuck that fly shit wit' the flava the shy kids
Last name ain't Suzuki but still my sidekick
Wit' dat I quick if ya sly quick let my quick but click
You ain' rollin' if my tape ain't what you ride wit'
Niggas make shit so I'm on the night tip
Like the youngsters 'bout to take you on some hip hop ride shit
If you ain't jumpin' you not pumpin'
I'm meetin' Jermaine in Atlanta 'cos
He owe me loot for dat Jump shit
Fuck astronauts I rock it if I'm not on it you wipe my shit
When I see you
I'm in yo' pocket
Seaview niggas are the craziest
Carolina niggas are the craziest
Virginia niggas are the craziest
Kentucky niggas are the craziest
Saint Louis niggas are the craziest
Atlanta niggas are the craziest
Maryland niggas are the craziest
San Diego niggas are the craziest
Seattle niggas are the craziest
Boston niggas are the craziest
Ill Town niggas are the craziest
Zoo Crew niggas are the craziest
Crazy city niggas are the craziest
All my Newark niggas are the craziest

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