It's All About Me Karaoke Mýa

Karaoke It's All About Me Mýa feat. Sisqó

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Lyrics of It's All About Me

It's all about you
Ooh ooh ooh
It's all about you yeah huh
It's all about you yeah huh
Oh yeah
Huh it's all about you huh
I jumped in
I jumped low baby hello
That's not the way it goes
It's all about me tonight yeah
Yeah ooh
I ain't stopped lovin' you
No no no no its all right
'Cos you're still my Boo you're still my Boo but you gotta see
Tonight it's all about me me me me me
Yeah say
Huh it's all about you yeah
Huh huh
Get it up baby get it up baby it's all about you
Yeah huh huh
It's all about you ooh yeah hey
Ooh ooh up jumps my bug boogin'
Down and boogy oh yeah
Look at your eyes git outta my thighs huh-huh
Now swing my body right to left
Left to right oh yeah left to right
You know that it's your style now just look at my body body body huh-huh huh-huh huh-huh-huh
And just hold me like a man should
Shouldn't you do? baby ya got to see
Tonight baby it's all about me
Sisqo baby
Baby it's all about sit down baby huh yeah hey
You look so good yeah
I'ma get it for you baby yeah
All right baby are you?
Me me me me singin' not you do
Oh yeah yeah oh
The night me arms
Say baby you know oh ooh oh oh oh that I'm gonna love you for life
So let's make tonight the night
The night
My arms are open wide so let me come inside hey yeah
Hey yeah hey hey baby
Ba-baby is that what you want from me?
'Cos that's what I need
Baby you are yeah it's all about
I won't forget about me
You know that
I understand baby
You know that I'm your man baby oh
Come on come on forget about it lady
You know you can count on me ah
I know
I don't mean a damn thing tonight no
It's all about me oh yeah it's all about you
Baby baby baby baby
I would do anything for you
Sisqo it's all about you
Hey hey hey 'bout me it's all about you
I'll be your slave 'bout me yes
I wanna be your slave tonight
I know you will oh yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah hee
I'm gonna leave now and what about now?
You're getting it right oh ooh yeah

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