Falling Karaoke Montell Jordan

Karaoke Falling Montell Jordan

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Lyrics of Falling

Thirty days since our last kiss sit alone reminisce
What you said last night just took me by surprise
How you said you're not gon' cry no more you're waiting to exhale
Having feelings that you're falling woman I've already fell
Oh I'm, oh why and I just can't help myself
Oh I, oh I'm falling and I just can't help myself baby I'm falling
Contemplating what to do falling faster over you
Both my heart and pride are out there on the line
I dial your number on the phone
It's steady ringing you're not home
If you're listening to this message
Girl I'm calling 'cos
I'm falling for you
Whoa oh I
Can't believe I'm falling do you feel the same way too babe
Whoa, oh oh oh oh
Ooh ah, oh oh oh
I'm falling falling for you yes I am yes I am can't help myself, oh I oh
Oh oh oh oh oh falling baby falling baby
I can't help myself
Seems like I keep on falling
No no I just can't help myself seems like I keep on falling
No can't help myself seems like I keep on falling
Yeah, help me sugar won't you help me sugar love
So sweet
Oh whoa oh whoa, whoa, whoa
I'm falling

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