Waltz Medley (Live) Karaoke Mike Denver

Karaoke Waltz Medley (Live) Mike Denver

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Lyrics of Waltz Medley (Live)

You've been here beside me and shared all my dreams through the years
We've shared all the laughter and sometimes you dried all my tears
You stood close beside me and helped me when good times turned bad
I need you to know you're the best friend that I've ever had
Together we've laughed as we walked hand in hand in the rain
All the good times we've had come back to my memory again
And now as the years pass they're turning from silver to gold
I pray we will share them together as we're growing old
Everybody sing
You're my best friend the one friend
I know will be there come what may
You're the one I depend on
The one friend
I turn to each day
So if sometimes I hurt you and the things that I say makes you sad
Remember I love you and you're the best friend that I've ever had
Remember I love you and you're the best friend that I've ever had
In an old country hall down an old country lane
That's where I first met her and my memory remains
She waltzed 'round the floor in a blue satin dress
My poor heart beat faster with her every step
An angel from heaven a star from above
And how could I tell her
I was so much in love
So I asked her to dance on that Saturday night
And that was the start to the rest of our lives
And the crysal ball flickers upon her sweet face
And the girl I long for was in my embrace
Oh please please don't wake me from this beautiful dream
In your arms I'm in heaven my darlin' Kathleen
In your arms I'm in heaven my darlin' Kathleen
From his window he watches as people
They come and they go on their way
Rushing to catch the train homewards as he often did in his day
He remembers the dark of the mornings
And the days he worked in the rain
Good times, the bad times the friends that he knew
He'll never see then again
At nights when the streets are deserted except for the take away signs
He thinks of the men that he worked with on the buildings the roads and the mines
The girl that he met in the county
He thought he might make her his own
And maybe if there was less drinkin'
He wouldn't have wound up alone
Everybody sing
P is for powerful when put to the test
A is for always doin' your best
D is for doin' if it can be done and D is for drinkin' when workin' is done
Y is for yearning to see home again
Proud to be Irish and hard workin' men
Paddy you're remembered though your day is done
You're the rock that England stands on

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