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Lyrics of Remember The Time

Do you remember when we fell in love?
We were young and innocent then
Do you remember ah how it all began?
It just seemed like heaven so why did it end?
Do you remember back in the fall we'd be together all day long?
Do you remember us holding hands?
In each other's eyes we'd stare tell me
When we first met girl oh ah
Ah do you remember ah how we used to talk?
You know we'd stay on the phone at night 'till dawn
Do you remember ah all the things we said
Like I love you so
I'll never let you go?
Do you remember back in the spring?
Every morning bird would sing
Do you remember those special times?
Just go on and on in the back of my mind
Oh ah
When we first met girl oh ah
Those sweet memories will always be dear to me
And girl no matter what we said
I will never forget what we had now baby
Do you remember?
When we first met girl oh ah
Remember my baby 'cos I remember
From your mind girl oh ah
Do you remember my baby?
Do you remember girl?
On the phone you and me
'Till dawn two or three oh what about us girl?
Do you do you do you
Do you do you
In the park on the beach you and me in Spain
Oh what about
Oh what about
Prrrrap dap dap pa
Prrrrap da bee dap
Ooh in the park after dark
Do you do you do you ah
Do you do you do you
Do you

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