Family Affair Karaoke Mary J. Blige

Karaoke Family Affair Mary J. Blige

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Lyrics of Family Affair

Oh, ooh
Ooh, oh, oh, mmm oh, mmm
Come on everybody get on up 'cos you know you gots to get it on
Mary J is in the spot tonight and I'm a make it feel alright
Come on baby just party with me
Let loose and set your body free
Leave your situations at the door
So when you step inside jump on the floor
Let's get crunk up on, ooh
Gots to dance for me
Hala, hala
Ooh, it's only gonna be about a matter of time
Before you get loose and start to loose your mind
Cop you a drink go head and rock your ice
'Cos we celebrating no more drama in our life
With a great track pumpin' everybody's jumpin'
Goin' ahead and twist your back and get your body bumpin'
I told you leave your situations at the door
So grab somebody and get your ass on the dance floor
In this dancery
That's a dance for me, ooh
So just dance for me, don't
Oh, we don't need no
Oh, oh
Mmm, hmm, hmm, hmm
No, not mine we're, all night
Turn it up, turn it up
All night
Doesn't matter matter
Hey, hey, hey, hey
Let's get it crunk, have fun in this dancery, hey, hey, hey
Do you gonna dance for me? dance for me, dance for me
Let's get it, let's get it let's get it, dance for me
Let's get it percolatin' all I want you to do for me
It just dance, just dance just dance, dance for me
Dance for me
Come on, come on
Come on, come on, come on
Come on hey, hey, hey, hey
Oh, oh
Hee, hee, yeah
Hey, oh, oh

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