Show Me Karaoke Martina McBride

Karaoke Show Me Martina McBride

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Lyrics of Show Me

Hold me like a wild flower fall around me like a sun shower
Kiss me like you're on fire
And tell me what's underneath
Show me
I want you to show me what love is
Run with me like a hell bent gypsy
Scream for me from the highest balcony
Carve my name on an old red door in Spain
Make me immortal make me immortal
In your heart
And show me
I want you to show me
What love is what love is
Baby get my attention touch me deep inside
Show me what
I've been missing missing' all my life
Give me my finest hour give me my ray of light
Give me something' that can't be denied
Like a thousand red balloons in a sapphire sky
A Roman candle burning' burning' through the night
Like the pyramids in Egypt the diamonds in your eyes
Show me show me what love is
Like the Eiffel Tower shining with a million lights
Snow flakes falling like confetti on a New York City night
And to hold on to forever a newborn baby's cry
I want you to show me what love is
Show me show me what love is
Like a wild flower

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