Tequila (Line Dance Party) Karaoke Madison Cowboy

Karaoke Tequila (Line Dance Party) Madison Cowboy feat. DJ Robbie & Fabby T

In the same key as the original: G

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Lyrics of Tequila (Line Dance Party)

Hey hey, ladies and gentlemen what time is it
Right it's show time are you ready for the Madison
Bah bah hoop bah bah hoop
Let's get started baby the DJs and saxophones play get down on each other's stage
Ho lah oh lah oh lah conga ho lah oh lah oh lah yeah
And put your hands
To the left on the dance floor to the right so good
Gimme gimme gimme some more
Remember it was a very good times
See the world again your beautiful mind
Madison left and the Madison right check angles on the other side
Now move it move it everybody moves
So come on girl into my old school groove
Madison come to take control and Robbie pop it on the mode
Now let's get party started right turn off the light in the fin of the night
Let's get party started right so you fade all left and when you fade all right
Fiesta loca on a Saturday night baila cheek you're the sun of my life
Listen now to my voice and my flow
Come on get it bah bah hoop bah bah hoop bah
Bah hoop, ooh oh yeah, ooh, ooh
Right ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh
We come to the party give it up my baby
DJ Robbie try to run you like to move it
Everybody dance
Yeah make me thrill madison trends gonna be
Ho ho to be real
Ho ho ho
Stop dreaming you are a sex machine
Wake up now come under scene
Up and down and they're ready to go
I'm feeling fine it's time to show
Five four on three two on check out your body it be so fine
I set out my sights for my girl she's pretty flashy
She's so firm gimme something big now
Hey DJ yeah baby whoop whoop, wooh
Turn your back now don't be fools
Burning burning like if
I were rules
Get down on the Madison bass
Fabby y'all on the saxophone plays
The gate's unlocked and on the chin
Last night my lover will never change
Going back to my only fuel you hit it and the people get ready
Remember it was a very good time
Bah bah hoop bah bah hoop bah bah hoop
Dig that this party's so fine yeah baby
So fine
Now repeat after me say ho ho, ho ho ho yeah
Bah bah hoop bah bah hoop

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