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Karaoke Stagger Lee Lloyd Price

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Lyrics of Stagger Lee

The night was clear and the moon was yellow
And the leaves came tumbling down
I was standing on the corner when I heard my bulldog bark
He was barkin' at the two men who were arguing in the dark
It was Stagger Lee and Billy
Billy took poor Stagger's date
He said you did me wrong Billy and that's one thing that I hate
Stagger Lee told Billy
I can't let you go with that
Because I loan you my money and my girl I want her back
Look out Stagger
Stagger Lee went home and he fell down on the floor
He said Billy did me wrong and I don't wanna see him no more
Old Billy felt bad because he hurt his poor friend Stag
I'm gonna give him his girlfriend and everything I have
Stagger Lee and Billy never fussed nor fight no more
Because he got back his girlfriend and Stagger Lee was no more sore look out Stagger go on now

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