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Karaoke My Body Keith Sweat feat. LSG

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Lyrics of My Body

In the middle of the night when
My body's feenin' for you baby
Gotta call you up and let you know it's what I'm feeling baby
Baby it's an emergency
I'm calling 'cos
I gotta have some more
I can't think about nothing else
Just a senualate me with your love
It ain't no secret girl your body fits me like a glove
Baby it's your body babe yours over mine
It's your your body babe baby it's your body yeah
I like baby your body yeah baby it's your body baby
Oh it's your body baby woah woah woah
Wanna fill you up 'till your river flows all over me
Wanna feel your precious treasure
Wrapped around me oh so tightly
In out so come on baby let me pick you up
I guarantee I'll turn you out hmm oh oh
Baby girl stop fighting you know you want me just like I want you
Never had a lover that would do the things that Johnny can do you
It is your body said it's your body
It's your body babe my body
Said it feels so good said it feels so nice so nice it's your body baby
My my my my my my my my my
My my my my my my my my my my my my, yeah yeah
Keep on playin' on
Baby it's your my my body all over your body yeah
Can't you feel me baby yeah, it's your bo
Give me your body baby all over your body baby
Can't you feel me baby oh baby it's your body baby
Yeah yeah girl give me your body babe

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