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Lyrics of New Sensation

Live baby live now that the day is over
I got a new sensation in perfect moments it's so impossible to refuse
Sleep baby sleep now that the night is over
And the sun comes like a god into our room
All perfect light and promises
Gotta hold on you
Right now it's gonna take you over
Dream baby dream of all that's come and going
And you will find out in the end there really is there really is no difference
Uh, cry baby cry when you've got to get it out
I'll be your shoulder you can tell me all don't keep it in ya
Well that's the reason why
I'm here, hey yeah yeah
Are you ready for a
Right now mmh gonna take you on a
Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey
Hate baby hate
When there's nothing
Left for you
You're only human what can you do it'll soon be over
Don't let your pain take over you
Love baby love it's written all over your face
There's nothing better we could do than live forever
Well that's all we've got to do hey now, uh
I'm gonna take you on girl
Right now
I gotta hold on you
Yeah, uh
A new sensation

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