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Karaoke Couple Days Off Huey Lewis & The News

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Lyrics of Couple Days Off

Woah, yeah yeah, alright
I like my job and
I don't mind the work
But eleven out of twelve is bound to hurt
The pay's pretty good and the benefits are fine
But I got a little girl and I wanna make her mine
Don't mind tellin' you
I get a little mad
To get a bit ahead takes all the time I have
Don't misunderstand me
I'm not gettin' soft
All I want is a couple days off
Yeah yeah
Can't wait for the weekend
Ah baby just can't wait no
I don't need another high song to sing
I don't need a shiny new diamond ring
I don't need to meet nobody else
I just need a little time for myself
'Cos I'm only human
I'm no machine
I need a little lovin' darlin' you know what I mean
Ah don't misunderstand me
I'm not getting soft
All I want is a couple days off yeah yay
Just a couple days oh let me catch my breath, uh
God for the weekend
Ah back to the old grind
I don't need another long coffee break
How much coffee is a man to take
I need to take a little dish change my point of view
I need time to figure out what I'm gonna do
Believe me when I tell ya it gets a little rough
Percolator honey but it never is enough
Not afraid to say it
I'm in total love all I want is a couple days off
Just a couple days
Ooh yes ah

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