Stick To The Status Quo Karaoke High School Musical

Karaoke Stick To The Status Quo High School Musical

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Lyrics of Stick To The Status Quo

You can bet there's nothin' but net
When I am in a zone and on a roll
But I've got a confession my own secret obsession and it's making me lose control
Well if Troy can tell his secret then I can tell mine
I bake
I love to bake strudels, scones even apple pandowdy
Someday I hope to make the perfect crème brûlée
Look at me and what do you see?
Intelligence beyond compare
But inside I am stirring something strange is occuring it's a secret I need to share
Hip hop is my passion
I love to pop and lock and jam and break
Is that even legal?
It's just dancing sometimes I think it's cooler than homework
Listen well
I'm ready to tell about a need that
I cannot deny
Dude, there's no explanation for this awesome sensation but I'm ready to let it fly
Alright, if Troy wants to be a singer then I'm coming clean
I play the cello
What is it?
A saw?
No, dude, it's like a giant violin
Do you have to wear a costume?
This is not what I want this is not what I planned
And I just gotta say
I do not understand
Something is really
Something's not right really wrong
And we gotta get things
And we gotta get things back where they belong back where they belong
Gotta play
Hip hop hooray
Crème brûlée
Everybody quiet
Why is everybody staring at you?
Not me, you
Because of the callbacks
I can't have people staring at me, I really can't

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