Love Can Be So Cold Karaoke George Duke

Karaoke Love Can Be So Cold George Duke

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Lyrics of Love Can Be So Cold

Some mornings I awake and I feel great
Someone to love and no one to hate
But other times though I've tried life's a chore
And for no particular reason my back gets sore
You see the longer I live the more interesting it gets
The pains I feel the ones I haven't felt yet
And I've seen friends change their attitude
Dress a little different and change their mood
And now I'm a parent with kids in school
I'm tryin' to teach them my golden rule
You'd think by now
I'd have it all figured out
But just the mention of your name can take me out girl
But love for me
I could not see
Ooh, my love
I've seen what was in go right out of style
Only to come back around in a little while
I've looked at my life from inside outside and above
Lord knows I've had a hard time shakin' your love
And though we meet in secret to keep our love alive
Always someone sees us with their prying eyes
And now you've moved away and found another man
And I know in my heart all
I can do is say amen
'Cos when you fall for someone you just can't explain
A real feeling it's a spiritual thing
I've said it before an'
I'll say it again
Though it really really hurts me
I can never never never never be your man
Ooh, ooh ooh ooh ooh no, love loves no one
And I still run to you
I don't want to lose you

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