Love Don't Love Me Karaoke Eric Benet

Karaoke Love Don't Love Me Eric Benet

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Lyrics of Love Don't Love Me

Time I still don't know the reason after all this time
I'm all alone but see it comes as no surprise
It seems like I go left each time that love goes right every time
By chance something happens every time I get a chance
I feel the rhythm but I just don't know the dance
I want to move with you but something holds me back
I'm holding back yeah mmm mmm
Yeah must be no no
Oh why I know exactly what is missing in my life
Something for sure and something pure maybe a wife
But then I'm out the door before the morning light every night
So I pray I'm so afraid
I'm always gonna be this way
Relationships only to pass the time away
Fear of commitment is a habit hard to break
I must say
Get it right wrong with me
I believe it must be
Love don't love me
Happiness oh oh oh oh oh
I believe it must be
Love don't love me love love love don't love me
Someone teach my heart to fall in love again
That all I have to fear is fear itself
I know that I was born to love one woman
But why must I keep running through the rest?
Oh yeah hey yeah hey
Hey yeah hey yeah
Hey yeah hey hey
Mmm mmm all I need
Ah ah yeah hey tell me please
I believe it must be
Love don't love me love don't love don't love me
Oh hey
To a high life ooh
But I believe that it must be
Love don't love me oh oh oh ooh ooh
I believe ah ah

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