Stompin' At The Savoy Karaoke Ella Fitzgerald

Karaoke Stompin' At The Savoy Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong

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Lyrics of Stompin' At The Savoy

Savoy the home of sweet romance
Savoy it wins you with a glance
Savoy gives happy feet a chance to dance
Your old form just like a clinging vine
Your lips so warm and sweet as wine
Your cheek so soft and close to mine divine
How my heart is singing while the band is swinging
I'm never tired of romping
And stomping with you at the Savoy what joy a perfect holiday
Savoy where we can glide and sway
Savoy they let me stomp away with you
Boo ba di ba di di bo bo bo
Ba di ba di bi doo ba di ba doo hee hee
Ba ba doo bi doo di di di doo di di beep bee doo bee
Doo doo doo doo da da la la
Ba ba lo beep wee da wee ba di da di da di da huh yap oh
Tu lu da hee ah hee ah tu lup tu lup boy
Bop ba li you ba li you doo li you ba da di doo da doo ba doo da
Doo ba da ba di da ya da vi vi di bam bam
Boo bee doo doo doo dee boy boy boy da da da
Boy boy boy ba da doo dee dap da la la lap da
Hee hee hee hee doo lop doo lop wee da doo doo
Oh yeah Savoy
The home of sweet romance yeah Savoy it wins you at a glance
Your sweet romance
Happy feet a chance to dance at Savoy have the Savoy
Breathenly well
Like a clinging vine yeah you me ma lo so warm and sweet as wine
What about Bucanon
Your lips close to mine divine take the break how my heart is singing
While the band is swinging
Yeah never tired of romping
And stomping with you at the Savoy
Mmm Savoy
A perfect holiday oh cheek weeper come on where we glide and sway
At the Savoy yeah
Let me stomp away with you sem boy sem boy sem
Da ba da ba di da doo loop
Ze pe ze ze ze za za lap doo boo dee loo dap doo a ba ba doo doo doo
De de de de za zai yeah when you see
Oh bo lo bee too ba doo ah lo
Doo ba da doo doo da dee ya ya
Oh yes ba ba de wee doo dis bent
Ba la da dee loo ba dee za la
Ba ba dee doo doo dee
Ba ba dee doo doo dee
Ah za ba za ba za ba zi ba zi ba
Zi ba za ba zi ba da ah ah ah
Yeah wa la wa la wa mo wa la wa be dee be dee be dee
Ba bo bo ba bop ba da
Da dee da dee dee ba da ba ba la ba ba hey hey dee pa ah ah ah ah
Doo loo doo you doo ba doo you doo ba ba
Yeah wee
What a joy to be out in Savoy wee oh yeah stomping stomping
Ah rit me rit me rit
With you and every boy me rit me yeah never tired of romping
Oh yes
Stomping with you mmm wa lop oh while the band is romping
What do we do
Yeah one mo ye low what do we do one mo one mo
Jump jump jump jump swing at the Savoy
One mo any one mo oh oh oh
Romp romp romp romp romp romp at Savoy
Yeah one more don't grab your throne now
Ba de
Don't grab my throne either ah ah ha ba doo hee
Yeah no more grey say one more
You must be lookin' it la la het now ah ah ah ah
Ba ba dee dee dee dee ba dee doo
A wow wow wow wow one more da dee hey
A wow wow wow one more ah ah ah
Ah ah ba ba doo doy doy
Could be was it
Atlantic city
Lord we would talk about that night ah ah ah ah
Yeah we're talking about some boy
Bet to the Savoy
Yeah some boy bet to the Savoy mmm yes
To the Savoy
Oh that's why
I'm singing Savoy never romping stomp away
Shake my hand
We're shakin' at the Savoy shake my hand
Shake my hand

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